1. It is required to show up fifteen minutes before your shift.
  2. You must standing when assisting the customers at all times.
  3. No drinks or food allowed at the front counters -at the showrooms-, you have to use the back room.
  4. Phones are not allowed for personnel usage during working hours,such as personnel phone calls, chatting, message …. etc.), unless it’s essential.
  5. Passing out flyers daily.
  6. Leave a note for any changes you made during business hours.
  7. Doing weekend events on Friday and Saturday.
  8. You must provide a great customer services.
  9. Always greet customers upon entrance of store and move towards customers, (don’t stay behind the counters).
  10.  Daily, you must keep your working area clean at all times.
  11. The inventory must be correct, neat and well stocked.
  12. You must follow the dress code required by metroPCS during your shift
  13. All employees must be wear formal wear (Black or Khaki pants - no jeans please) and must wear their Metro PCS shirts. Black or Brown shoes
  14. Employees must follow the instructions from metroPCS.
  15. Employees must do the required training through metroPCS dealer and university with in the first three months after hiring and the new hire course should be done with in the first thirty days.
  16. Employees must submit a two week notice, if they decide to resign.
  17. Employee will be terminated on the third warning letter.

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